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  • Requests for xaml:blog should be forwarded to

    I've moved over to msn spaces. If you want to see any of my future posts, please go to: RSS: Thanks to everybody here at LHBlogs for hosting me since PDC 2003.
  • Databinding + Datavisualization Demo with WPF/XAML/VB

    Many people say that Databinding is one of the more impactful of the features in WPF. Namita wrote a great set of demos for her PDC talk about Databinding with WPF . As part of a few talks (some VB customers, a Vista + WPF talk , a talk at the Borland Developer Conference ), I used that demo. I've finally...
  • Why isn't xmlns:def="Definition" gone yet...cost of change...

    Drew Marsh asked a good question recently about why we didn't Uri-ize the Definition xmlns yet... I answered via a comment here . Keep raising issues that you don't see getting fixed... Thanks, Rob PS. Making any breaking change is way too expensive. We are working on a tool right now that can make any...
  • CTP - XAML Viewer working inside VisualStudio!

    Gaston Milano is a self-proclaimed “VS man” - so he wanted a XAML Viewer that worked inside of Visual Studio Whidbey. So he wrote one ! Screen shots look great! (I just left a comment with my problems getting it running on Visual C# Express. I'll have to wait until I get into work to see...
  • 3rd public release of Avalon...a few details on the development experience

    First, PDC 2003. Second, WinHec 2004. Now an Avalon Customer Tech Preview! Three interesting links way below that I stole from . First, a link to the bits for MSDN members. Second, a link to online documentation and samples. Third, a good overview of what is new or...
  • Attribute grammar for xaml attributes

    We have a bit of a mess in our processing for attributes. First, a list of the mess, then a brief description of the fix we plan. Attribute values in xaml can map to: 1) a Literal value <Balloon Color=”Red” /> We use the type converter from the type of the Color property. I'm happy...
  • new Xaml terminology.

    Among other things, I (and my teammates) have spent much of the last year designing significant improvements to xaml2003 that you saw at the PDC in October 2003. While we have spent a lot of time investing in design, we haven't implemented many of the changes yet. As such, I hadn't wanted to do much...
  • Walking the thin line with XAML

    Chris positions XAML vs general serialization technologies and approaches. ... XAML was designed to be a compromise markup format, that balanced the toolability and readability aspects of a markup. You can think of HTML as a markup that was squarely designed to be readable, but not very toolable. SOAP...
  • The .Net Show - filming about avalon

    Pablo Fernicola (Group Program Manager), David Ornstein (Lead Program Manager), Nathan Dunlap (Rockin' Designer), and I spent time yesterday with Robert Hess and the .Net Show crew. The .Net Show blog posted about the filming (with links to photos) etc... Interesting format. Nathan showed the Login Screen...
  • Today you can't compile xaml on the fly.

    A posting in the channel 9 wiki on getting stated with xaml led me to clarify how xaml pages load in IE and why you sometimes need to compile them. XAML Loading in IE Currently, if you have a xaml page and it doesn't have any code embedded (or in a code behind file) you can just double click it and it...
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