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  • What Happened to SimpleText?

    Amit Bahree asks : I was curious as to what happeend to the class SimpleText in the WinHEC build? If I have any code that ran on the earlier build - now does now and I get an exception on SimpleText. We removed SimpleText from the builds a short while after the PDC. You should use the Text element instead...
  • DockPanel.Dock

    Karsten's Avalon Gotcha Quiz (and answer ) points to a common source of confusion for DockPanel users: When Avalon encounters the "Fill" command, it does just that -- filling the entirety of the given element no matter what follows that element. So though I logically expected the placement...
  • Text, TextPanel, and ContentElements

    In response to a Performance Tip by Markus , Iain asks : Is a Bold object little more than a Text object with an inherent formatting clue? Quoting myself from a previous post : Classes such as Image and DockPanel are responsible for their layout and rendering. This works fine for a simple class such...
  • Breaking Across Pages

    This is an old post from my previous blog; unfortunately, the content was never ported to this blog. I'm re-posting it here so I can reference it in the next post. James Clark asks a couple of questions about pagination in my comments: Obviously a single paragraph has to be able to broken across multiple...
  • Custom Layouts in Avalon

    RichB asks : What sort of layout does Avalon limit me to? Can I add my own layout engines instead of the standard flow layout? Avalon doesn’t place any limits on layout, developers are free to write the layout algorithm of their choosing. How would you implement a custom layout? Well, first you’ll...
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