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  • The Vista Daily #16

    <sigh> I wish American Idol would let you vote to boot people instead of keep them. Then Sanjaya would have been sent home a while ago. That's why 13 year olds shouldn't have cell phones. But I digress. Anyway, here's what's been going on with Microsoft in the last 48 hours... Second Life has traced...
  • My Ideas for Windows Sideshow

    Long Zheng reminds us that Windows Sideshow is (still) coming . His last picture shows one of the prototype detachable devices that can dock to the lid of certain notebooks. We've been seeing this one for a while, and the next few months will show if anyone is actually going to ship these to consumers...
  • Woo Hoo! TV Shows on Xbox Live!

    In less then three weeks, and virtually coinciding with the PS3 launch, Microsoft officially took any remaining wind out of Sony's sails today by announcing that Xbox Live will become a major payer for video content, with the Xbox Live Video Marketplace . For the record, I totally called it . I'll let...
  • Is Zune Marketplace Just a WMP11 Skin?

    You be the judge (roll over image for comparison): Yeah, I know the Zune Marketplace one is hard to see. Blame Engadget . Note the locations of most UI elements are practically identical. Also the shuffle and repeat buttons are the same, and the button layout is identical too. The only really notible...
  • Zune Comparison - WMP 11

    Screenshot of WMP 11 taken from Windows Vista RC2
  • Zune Comparison - Zune Marketplace

    This is a terrible Zune marketplace shot from Engadget's hands-on time .
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