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  • Zune Marketplace Coming To Xbox 360?

    Rumor has it that Microsoft has bought 5 hours of airtime on G4TV on September 25th. According to Kombo , Microsoft will be announcing: Free DLC for Halo 3, and paid DLC for Mass Effect and GTAIV Six free Xbox Originals for download A partnership with Sirius XM Satellite Radio 12 new exclusive titles...
  • Zune Finally Out-iPods the iPod

    In a move that is unlikely to silence those who ignore Microsoft products until their third revision, the software giant will launch their third-generation Zune on Tuesday, Sept 16th. This release, available through new Zune models from 120GB down to 8GB, as well as through firmware updates available...
  • Why Isn't the Halo 3 Soundtrack on Zune Marketplace?

    So the new Halo 3 soundtrack came out over a week ago, and I've been really excited to hear it. I wanted to buy it on Zune Marketplace, and it shows up under the search , but you can't buy it. Hey Microsoft, what gives? Having the soundtrack up there is like a no-brainer, especially given the fact that...
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