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  • Major Nelson Addresses Xbox Rumors

    Yeah I know LonghornBlogs isn't an Xbox site - but I feel its very important for people to get the facts regarding some of the rumors flying around the internet regarding the Xbox 360. Major Nelson addresses many of the rumors, setting straight that there are no recalls, replenishments of the stores...
  • Xbox 360 and Windows Live Messenger

    Ines from the Windows Live Messenger Team makes a post about the My Xbox Tab in MSN Messenger which will also be in Windows Live Messenger. "Anyways, the reason for all the Xbox talk is to give you a brief snapshot of the Xbox and Windows Live Messenger integration. You may have noticed that the Xbox...
  • Xbox 360 "Zero Hour" Sign Up

    As Robert mentioned , you can now sign up to win tickets to attend the Xbox 360 Launch "Zero Hour" in Southern California. I've signed up. I highly doubt I'll win anything - my luck sucks big time. But it would be really cool to win tickets and go to this event. Alot of the people around me such as Robert...
  • Xbox 360 Gamercard

    Ok this is awesome! You can now embed your new Xbox 360 gamercards into your blogs or websites for all to see. Click here to view my Gamercard. Robert is going to show me how to embed my Gamercard into my blog here at LonghornBlogs later on so until then, you'll have to go to this external site to see...
  • I've played an Xbox 360!

    My local Wal-Mart has the Xbox 360 kiosk set up and I took some time to mess around with it. I'm most interested in the media aspects of the Xbox 360 of course on top of the the awesome hardware capabilities such as High Definition and so fourth. I can't wait to connect it with my Media Center and really...
  • Xbox 360 and Windows Vista

    I'm not a gamer (yet) but Xbox 360 has gotten me real excited. The multimedia features alone within Xbox 360 is enough for me to justify owning it when it comes out. And it gets better. According to Planet Xbox 360 , Xbox 360 will run an Windows Media Center-ish environment on the console. Also, according...
  • Xbox 360 Box Graphics

    As Robert reported below, the pricing and details of the Xbox 360 launch have emerged from Germany today. You can see more of the above graphics for the Xbox packages by going to Major Nelson. Now, I'm not a gamer. I've tried to be, but failed horribly. But I've been tracking the Xbox 360's development...
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