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  • My Predictions for This Week’s PDC 2011… Oops, I mean Build

    So Build is happening this week, and unfortunately once again I’ll be sitting on the sidelines while all my peeps are having a blast (have a few drinks for me, guys!) But I thought I’d kick off the week with a few of MY expectations for what will be announced in Microsoft-land this week....
  • Xbox 360 WMC Coupled to Xbox Live: Beta Woes

    My house is unlike many houses in America. You see, I have a Dell XPS 420 with two Digital Cable Tuners. It is the only device that is currently receiving cable signals. The two TVs in our house use Xbox 360s as Media Center Extenders, and for the most part, the experience is light-years ahead of the...
  • Zune Marketplace Coming To Xbox 360?

    Rumor has it that Microsoft has bought 5 hours of airtime on G4TV on September 25th. According to Kombo , Microsoft will be announcing: Free DLC for Halo 3, and paid DLC for Mass Effect and GTAIV Six free Xbox Originals for download A partnership with Sirius XM Satellite Radio 12 new exclusive titles...
  • XNA Games Coming to Zune, Live & Live Marketplace Next?

    At their GDC '08 Keynote, Microsoft showed off Zauri , a "top-down shooter" built using XNA Game Studio... running on a Zune 2. Microsoft's Chris Satchell did the demo, and he said that games would be portable across the Microsoft entertainment ecosystem, "from Windows to Xbox to Zune." This is fantastic...
  • PSA: Gamers, Watch Your Freakin Mouths!

    WARNING: The audio in the linked video is NSFW. I just came across this post on Joystiq about the problem of trash talk on Xbox Live. Well, the "trash" part is a real understatement. I have a gay stepbrother, and I find it extremely offensive. Now, I'm not going to say that video games themselves are...
  • The Vista Daily #16

    <sigh> I wish American Idol would let you vote to boot people instead of keep them. Then Sanjaya would have been sent home a while ago. That's why 13 year olds shouldn't have cell phones. But I digress. Anyway, here's what's been going on with Microsoft in the last 48 hours... Second Life has traced...
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