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Windows Vista
  • Testing out Windows Vista Beta 1

    Last week has been amazing with the release of Windows Vista Beta 1 and Internet Explorer 7.0 Beta for XP SP2. I am currently testing Vista on two machines: a laptop and a desktop. I've had minor problems with both installations and currently have a few bugs to work out as well on both of them. I will...
  • New Laptop and Longhorn

    Greetings from Longhorn. My hard disk went yet again on my WinBook as it was time for another trip, this time for INETA next week to Florida. Faithful readers will recall that on my last trip, to Redmond, it had an infamous disk meltdown . The WinBook's hard drive seems to be tied intimately to knowing...
  • Five Silly Mistakes to Make When Installing Longhorn

    Tim Sneath “ Five Silly Mistakes to Make When Installing Longhorn “ is extremely useful. I wish we had this before we installed. Pay special heed to: “ Don't bother installing it as a Virtual PC image unless you have a seriously well-specified machine; certainly not if you plan to play around in any...
  • Sam Does the Longhorn Thing

    Thanks to Robert for setting up my Longhorn Blog and this great site! For those who don't know me from my long-running CLR and .NET Blog , my name is Sam Gentile. I am an INETA Speaker , .NET Consultant , Author and overall early adopter geek. I guess my early adopter days go back to the Beta of OLE...
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