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  • What's up with Internet Explorer 7+?

    In the latest build of Windows Vista (Build 5365), users have noticed that in the About information for IE 7 it displays the name "Windows Internet Explorer 7+". I decided to do some digging as to what the + means. According to a Microsoft spokesperson, the IE 7+ is a "internal, working name we have...
  • Windows Live Favorites on Windows Vista

    I must be insane this evening. I decided I wanted to try out Windows Live Favorites. On Windows Vista. And the only way to do that was to install the MSN Toolbar. So I did. Screenshot: MSN Toolbar with Windows Live Favorites on IE 7 in Windows Vista The results weren't too bad. The toolbar doesn't look...
  • International Domain Names in IE 7

    With the December CTP of Windows Vista released today, we see International Domain Name support in IE 7. The IE Team Blog has a good post on this new feature. Head on over to the IE Team Blog to read about it .
  • IE 7 to get Firefox's RSS Button

    I like hearing about collaborations between two competing browser teams on making some things standard in their browsers. The Internet Explorer Team and RSS Team has decided to adopt the same RSS Feed button that Mozilla Firefox uses in theirs. The Microsoft RSS Team has the details on their blog : ...
  • Windows Live Safety Center with Windows Vista

    There is alot of discussion out there on which Antivirus works best with current builds of Windows Vista. I deciced to give the brand new Windows Live Safety Center a whirl with Windows Vista Build 5231. After running a few circles in Internet Explorer 7's new security features, I was able to launch...
  • Internet Explorer 7 as an RSS Aggregator

    I was able to get some answers to my question on whether or not Windows Vista will have an RSS Aggregator. The answer is yes of course but its within Internet Explorer 7.0 itself. IE 7 users in Windows Vista will be able to subscribe and maintain their Favorite set of feeds within their Favorites and...
  • Introducing Windows Internet Explorer 7.0

    Today, Mr. Tony Chor from the IE Team introduced the new Windows Internet Explorer 7.0 logo and branding to the world from their awesome IE Blog today. "Hopefully, by now you’ve seen from our posts that there are a lot of new features and work going into IE 7. As part of this update, we’re refreshing...
  • Internet Explorer Security

    The IE Blog is on a roll! Some very cool stuff is talked about, mainly security in Internet Explorer 7 and what's coming up for IE 7 Beta 2. I did not know that in IE 7, you can run in "No Add-ons Mode" - this mode allows IE to run without installing add-ons such as ActiveX controls. I'm going to test...
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