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  • Windows Defender Beta 2 Refresh

    The Anti-Malware Engineering Team is called the latest build release of Windows Defender Beta 2 a "refresh" . Adam over at their blog talks about some of the changes we can see in this Beta 2 Refresh: First off, we have added a checkbox option to continually display the system tray icon. We heard your...
  • Windows Defender Beta 2 Build 1347

    ActiveWin reports that Microsoft has released a minor update to Windows Defender Beta 2 - Build 1347. You can download it via Microsoft's Download Center or also through the Microsoft Update engine. I'm not too entirely sure what's changed but my guess is they did some bug fixes.
  • Windows OneCare to be offered for Windows Vista after all

    Mary Jo at Microsoft-Watch was able to get a response from Microsoft in regards to Windows OneCare on Windows Vista . Previous statements from Microsoft were that there were no plans to put Windows OneCare on Windows Vista but it seems those plans may have changed: "Microsoft officials told us after...
  • Microsoft: No antivirus in Windows Vista

    According to The Register, Microsoft will "omit" antivirus services for Windows Vista when it ships . Previously, it had been thought Microsoft may incorporate some sort of antivirus technology within Vista. Microsoft is shipping Windows Defender, Microsoft antispyware program currently in beta, with...
  • Another Feature Preview Added: Windows Defender

    This evening I was able to get online my next Feature Preview on Windows Defender. There's plenty of screenshots, but not much to say because my experience with Windows Defender seems to show that aside from the new user interface, Windows Defender in Build 5270 pretty much has the same functionality...
  • Introducing Windows Defender

    Windows Antispyware is now going to be called Windows Defender - and is going to be included in Windows Vista. "Over the last few months we have been working hard on creating the next version of the Microsoft anti-spyware technology. Today, we are announcing the new name for this technology. Microsoft...
  • MBSA 2.1 and 3.0 - What I want to see...

    I love the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer. I use it all the time to make sure PC's I work on are configured properly with the best security settings and fully patched. I was using it today on a machine when it hit me on what I'd like to see in the next version(s). For instance, we have Microsoft...
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