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  • Using Google Calendar with Windows Calendar

    Shawn Morrissey has a guide online for using Windows Calendar to access your Google Calendar . What's really cool about this is that Google Calendar uses, just like Windows Calendar, the iCalendar file format standard. So if you're testing out Vista, give Google Calendar a try and subscribe to your calendar...
  • Microsoft to Launch Calendar Assault

    As many regular readers may know, Windows Vista's new calendar application Windows Calendar is one of my favorite new additions to the Windows operating system. In recent days, there has been alot of talk about Calendar technologies up and coming which is pretty exciting to me. Google just released a...
  • New Shots of Windows Calendar

    Via Shawn Morrissey's Blog : Steve Makofsky put online some new screenshots of Windows Calendar coming with Windows Vista. I love this little Windows application. Check out the screenshots and let them know what you think. They are still tweaking the UI. Steve's passion is the User Experience . I'm beginning...
  • Why is Windows Calendar so exciting?

    Dactylx is one of the people who's been kind enough to try and inform me on some of the facts behind Windows Calendar's .ics file format - something I was totally oblivious too when I made a post about Windows Calendar a few days ago. There's been several people now who have helped me get a grip on what...
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