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  • Main Blog moved to

    Ok, the confusion is over back on my old .TEXT blog. I tried WordPress . I liked it. However, I recieved a gracious invitation from Scott Belleware and Brendan Tompkins via email to join the CodeBetter community. Based on messages from their/our community, they felt my proper home was there on CodeBetter...
  • SOLVED! Indigo Problem with Vista/IIS 7 and Dec WinFX

    I have an advanced scenario that is producing an exception that I suspect is a simple configuration setting but I don't know what it is. I am posting this on my Longhorn Blog so please comment there . I have an Indigo service (actually one of a whole bunch) that has been working with IIS6/Windows XP...
  • Feedback Time Please

    [ Topic from Main Blog ] This blog has been going since March 2002 when it was only me, Peter Drayton and Simon Fell as .NET bloggers. Its come a long way since then. I know I have a lot of loyal readers and a lot of people that recomend me on their blogs. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am...
  • What's Installed and Working on 5270

    So now that things are working, at least without Glass, I have kept going. The following is what I have tried installing: Installed Software Product Status Microsoft Office Professsional 2003 with SP2 Success but Outlook 2003 doesn't seem to retreive mail Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Architect Success...
  • WinFX Dec CTP Released along with Public Release of Vista

    Normally I am really excited about new releases of WinFX/Indigo but our team members just looked up after reading Tom Archer's post and said “***, we have to upgrade again.” As Tom says, “Go to my Windows Vista Get the Beta Web page to see a description of what's included, read the release notes and...
  • New and Notable 79

    I was in the middle of a beautifull New and Notable, 2nd day in a row no less when Windows Vista Beta 1 froze. No blue screen, just totally froze. No response to Task Manager or Ctrl-Alt-Delete. I guess you are not supposed to play a Windows Media Player file at the same time as doing anything else or...
  • New and Notable 78

    Yet another big gap (August 3rd) . As you can tell from all the latest posts, I am playing a lot with Vista, WinFX (Indigo AND Avalon) and half a dozen incompatible versions of SQL Server/VSTS as well as diving into ADO.NET 2.0 in my day job. I am also writing some great new code and material for my...
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