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  • Feedback Time Please

    [ Topic from Main Blog ] This blog has been going since March 2002 when it was only me, Peter Drayton and Simon Fell as .NET bloggers. Its come a long way since then. I know I have a lot of loyal readers and a lot of people that recomend me on their blogs. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am...
  • Orcas Designer for Avalon Totally Rocks!!

    Now that I got the mess working , I must say that the Orcas Designer from Avalon totally utterly rocks!!
  • WinFX Dec CTP Released along with Public Release of Vista

    Normally I am really excited about new releases of WinFX/Indigo but our team members just looked up after reading Tom Archer's post and said “***, we have to upgrade again.” As Tom says, “Go to my Windows Vista Get the Beta Web page to see a description of what's included, read the release notes and...
  • Vista Build 5231 (October CTP) is Out!!

    Its out on Microsoft Connect and MSDN Subscriber! Also check out Paul's summary here which lists new fatures like fully functioning version of Windows Media Player (WMP) 11, the Vista version of Media Center, a new Network Center, and other features that weren't available in previous builds! There is...
  • New and Notable 78

    Yet another big gap (August 3rd) . As you can tell from all the latest posts, I am playing a lot with Vista, WinFX (Indigo AND Avalon) and half a dozen incompatible versions of SQL Server/VSTS as well as diving into ADO.NET 2.0 in my day job. I am also writing some great new code and material for my...
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