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Windows Pricing
  • Microsoft Issues Amazon Smackdown for Preorder Gaffe

    I was on the other day, checking up on Vista prices , when I was greeted with the following information: Because of a Microsoft request, the many versions of the Windows Vista operating system are not currently available for pre-order at They are estimated to be available January...
  • WGA and SPP: Normal People Don't Care

    Joe Wilcox has a long and interesting post about Windows juxtaposed against the offerings of Web 2.0 companies, in respect to Microsoft's recently announced Software Protection Platform. He thinks that Web 2.0 companies have the better business model. Web 2.0 business models are great, but I don't...
  •'s Vista Price List Was Accurate

    Well, Microsoft announced their retail pricing for Windows Vista today (boo to Microsoft for not making it simple with some kind of chart), and it turns out that Joe Wilcox's sleuthing on did indeed turn up the correct price list after all . As I said before, I think the regular and upgrade...
  • The Mechanics of Pricing Additional Vista Licenses Lower

    Nick White of the Official Windows Vista Blog asked me about the mechanics of putting additional Windows Vista licenses at a lower price point . He may be playing Devil's Advocate here, but I'll bite anyways. But since I already discussed many of the mechanics, I have some things for you (and the rest...
  • Windows Vista US Pricing and Launch Date Revealed!

    Well, the big to-do for the day has been Vista pricing. Apparently Microsoft Canada's not the only company that's going to have someone fired today. has all prices online for pre-order. They've also listed a launch date, which apparently is January 30th, 2007 . I've broken it down a bit to...
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