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  • Understanding the True Cost of Windows

    Today, CNet's Ina Fried posted a story entitled " Is Windows getting more expensive? " It's a pretty good read, and pretty well-balanced. Unfortunately, it's extremely light on data. She started to really dig into it, but stopped when she should have kept going. Fortunately, I can change all that. Well...
  • The True Cost of Windows, Part 1 - Conclusion(s)

    Now that we've accumulated all of the data, it's time to see if my hypothesis passes the litmus test. Interpretations – Basic Home SKUs The first thing to point out is the fact that, though prices increased pretty dramatically before 1995, they've leveled out since then, and with XP, they actually went...
  • The True Cost of Windows, Part 1 - Evidence

    You didn't think I'd go though all this without some rock-solid data, would you? Basic Home SKUs Below is the breakdown of the Windows pricing for the entry-level editions. IMPORTANT: Here's how the table should be interpreted. The first two columns are the MSRPs listed in the press releases. The second...
  • The True Cost of Windows, Part 1 - Introduction

    Now that Vista is out in the wild, lots of people are pontificating on whether or not it is worth upgrading to Vista. Ina Fried posted about this subject just yesterday . Sure, over the last few months, I've laid out my own reasons as well. But instead of having a psychological debate over security improvements...
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