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Windows Media Center
  • New Vista Media Center Extender Site, Ready for Preorders

    As I posted earlier, the holiday season is in full force for Microsoft. I'm not sure when they put this up, but there's now new information about the V2 Media Center Extenders online . Also, Windows Guru Ed Bott has some great information on pre-ordering yours now [via Chris Lanier ], for those of you...
  • Internet TV, V2 Extenders Coming to Windows Vista Media Center

    Josh of WindowsConnected fame points out a monster Media Center-related press release today. In it, we find out that Media Centers with quad-CableCARD tuners are coming, as well as the V2 Extenders (finally!). But the big news comes in the following paragraph: The number of content providers delivering...
  • CableCard Expected to Boost Vista Media Centers

    CRN has an article about the new Digital Cable-ready Vista Media Centers that are beginning to "trickle into the market". Part of the article talks about some of the issues with CableCard support in Windows, most of them around the issues with OEMs and certification. It's important to note that most...
  • MCE Live TV Buffer Manager

    Last Updated: 30 March 2007 Supported Platforms: Windows XP Media Center Edition, Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Ultimate .NET Compatibility: Not Required This utility allows you to change the size of the Live TV Pause Buffer from 30 minutes, up to two hours in 15 minute increments. NOTE:...
  • UserAgent Fix for IE7 x64

    This Registry file repairs some issues with IE if you're running Windows Vista Home Premium x64 or Ultimate x64. Basically, 32-bit IE on x64 doesn't report that you're running Windows Media Center, and IE x64 doesn't report that you have .NET 3.0 installed. This file adds two settings to your registry...
  • Vista x64 Fix for IE7 User Agent String

    If you're a Media Center buff, than Aaron Stebner's blog is a good one to have in your blogroll. Today he posted about the MSN Remote Record service , and the issues it has installing on Windows Vista x64 (do not use this on Windows XP x64) . It turns out that IE7 sends out different UserAgent strings...
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