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  • Changes Needed for Media Center in Windows 7 SP1

    I *love* Windows Media Center. It’s my favorite part of Windows, and in Windows 7, it’s fantastic. There are a lot of improvements, and hopefully soon I’ll be able to post some of my favorite parts. But I just spent the last 2 hours trying to fix my Windows Media Center installation at home (tried a...
  • WMC TV Pack: The Ultimate Windows Screwjob You Didn’t See Coming

    Introduction Before I go into this post, I have to explain my intentions. I respect NDAs very much, and I always have. I’ve built my career as a Microsoft commentator on acquiring as much access as possible, through playing by the “rules”. When someone asks me not to talk about something...
  • Would You Put Your Digital Life in the Hands of a Cable Box?

    I came across not one, but two articles on MSNBC today about niche markets that Microsoft currently dominates that are becoming more mainstream. One is a well researched, if not slightly misguided piece on Home Theatre PCs (who needs a Core 2 Quad in a media server, and HomePlug… seriously??), and the...
  • Windows Media Center Registry Tweaks

    I was re-configuring my Windows Media Center the other day (don’t ask) and I wanted to adjust the “skip forward” interval to effectively skip through all the commercials in the average commercial break. As far as I can tell, Microsoft never updated the TweakMCE PowerToy for Windows Vista, but WMC guru...
  • Netflix for Vista Media Center (and Xbox 360)

    There’s no need to wait for Netflix and Microsoft to officially ink an Xbox 360 deal. Yesterday, Lifehacker posted details of a new add-in for Vista Media Center, called vmcNetflix , that brings a plethora of Netflix features into Media Center, and consequently your Xbox 360. It’s the same concept I...
  • New Vista Media Center Extender Site, Ready for Preorders

    As I posted earlier, the holiday season is in full force for Microsoft. I'm not sure when they put this up, but there's now new information about the V2 Media Center Extenders online . Also, Windows Guru Ed Bott has some great information on pre-ordering yours now [via Chris Lanier ], for those of you...
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