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  • HP MediaSmart Updates

    Two newsworthy items in the world of HP MediaSmart Products. First, Ed Bott reports that upgrading your RAM on the HP MediaSmart Server is no longer a crime of warranty. What should be a crime is the fact that they packed the chassis tighter than my jeans the day after Thanksgiving, and don’t give directions...
  • Turn Your Home Server Into a Powerhouse

    It’s no secret that HP’s MediaSmart Server, while sporting an impressive form factor, is seriously underpowered. Well, when I purchased one to replace my homebuilt WHS box last week, I decided that the stock system was not good enough. Thanks to Donavon West, the Windows Live MVP and Gadget Guru who...
  • Disneyland’s “Innoventions Dream Home” By HP & Microsoft

    I was the first tech news site to break this story a while back, and I’m glad to finally see this come to fruition. Microsoft has teamed with Disneyland, HP, Life|Ware, and Taylor Morrison to combine Microsoft’s “ Home of the Future ” with the HP MediaHome into the “ Innoventions Dream Home ” at Disneyland...
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