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  • Enable The SuperBar in Windows 7 Pre-Beta!

    One of the big disappointments of the Pre-Beta build was the lack of the New Taskbar, which is referred to internally as the SuperBar. We had been told that the feature was not in the build at all. But Raphael, one of our friends from Within Windows, was handed a note at PDC instructing him to dig deeper...
  • Posting Will Be Light Today

    Unfortunately, my travel arrangements are forcing me to head home today, and I’ll be spending a good portion of the day in the air. So I’ll be missing out on all the cool stuff going on today, but I’ll be wrapping up my in-depth review of Windows 7 on the plane, so hopefully you’ll be able to check it...
  • PDC 2008, Here I Come! (and a Caption Contest)

    At practically the last minute, I was invited to a briefing at PDC on Windows 7. As exciting as it all sounded, I wasn’t planning on attending at all… but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to be one of the first to get a guided tour the hotly-anticipated followup to Widows Vista. Since I’m not a short...
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