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  • 20 Years of PDC Keynotes Online

    When I heard earlier today that Microsoft had put all of the Microsoft PDC keynotes online , I was very excited. But I have to admit, it was for selfish reasons. Because I would finally get to tell one of my favorite experiences. Apologies for the self-indulgent post… but then again, aren’t all my posts...
  • WinFS and System Maintenance

    My post today on I hope Microsoft also does some serious long term testing of Longhorn. I'd hate to think that everyones WinFS could grind to a halt after adding 6 months worth of data and no one could predict because they were in such a hurry to release...
  • Longhorn- The missing pieces

    Apologies for not posting in a long time. I guess you'd all though this was another blogging casualty. But I'm back. I'm still working mainly with VB6 but I'm taking every oppotunity to cram .Net from books articles and videos online. I really like the way that WinFX will create a level playing field...
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