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  • Avalon 3D info via Joe Beda

    There's a new video on Channel 9 featuring Joe Beda talking about 3D support in Avalon. After reading posts on Longhorn feature cuts , I was starting to wonder if 3D would take a back seat. Luckily it appears that Avalon 3D will be there or at least that they are currently working on it. Reading the...
  • Avalon Dissected

    No, this isn't Biology class... put that frog down! Drew Marsh rips apart Avalon to feast on the chewy chocolatey goodness inside. Check it out .
  • Petzoldian-style Development on the road to Avalon Nirvana. Sigh!

    Avalon is very promising. No doubt about that. I can very well imagine how Visual Studio "Orcas" (the one to follow Whidbey) will add fantastic designers for creating stunning Avalon UIs. However, today, my first steps with XAML remind me very much of my first little baby steps exploring the Win16 API...
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