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  • Indigo Implications

    Kevin Dente talks about Yasser Shohoud's article on Indigo applications with Whidbey. He's worried. Are you?
  • Intelligent Searching in Longhorn

    Here's what I want for the file system in Longhorn. I want the file search capabilities in Longhorn to be just as robust as web searching. Take, for example, Google. Wouldn't it be killer if you could Google your hard drive? (Google, are you paying attention?) Just by typing a search string in the IE...
  • Listen to Joe Long!

    Joe Long, the Product Unit Manager for XML Enterprise Services at Microsoft, talks about the Indigo migration story in this recorded presentation on MSDN. If you weren't at Joe's PDC talk and think you don't have 37 minutes time for this, you can still not afford to miss listening to the prescriptive...
  • Lightweight Transactions - A puzzle (I mean, really..)

    Between PDC and now, I was in Redmond on Monday and Tuesday at a meeting with the Indigo team. One of the topics discussed were the new transaction management capabilities that are part of Indigo (which, for Longhorn, includes a lightweight transaction manager ). Ingo was there, too, and we had a little...
  • PDC: Don's solo session on Monday

    The typical PDC attendee is very special. PDC is not like TechEd where you get very practical information on today’s shipping products. PDC is about futures and it requires a lot of imagination of how applications could look and could work on the new platform. It’s about building excitement...
  • PDC: Rebooting the blog after the keynote: Indigo in a nutshell

    Here’s my quick, two sentence definition of Indigo in order to give you an idea about the scope of this thing: Indigo is the successor technology and the consolidation of DCOM, COM+, Enterprise Services, Remoting, ASP.NET Web Services (ASMX), WSE, and the Microsoft Message Queue. It provides services...
  • PDC Countdown: Use ASMX and Enterprise Services Now For Tomorrow

    Brad More is asking whether and why he should use Enterprise Services. Brad, if you go to the PDC, you can get the definitive, strategic answer on that question in this talk: “Indigo”: Connected Application Technology Roadmap Track: Web/Services Code: WSV203 Room: Room 409AB Time Slot: Wed, October 29...
  • PDC Countdown: While you wait for the Indigo show to start....

    While you wait for the Indigo show to start, here is some stuff to look at and consider (again). The links at the bottom of this post point to five slide decks that I have been using for presentations throughout this year. All of them are, indeed, very relevant to the Indigo story you will be hearing...
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