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The Vista Daily
  • The Vista Daily #8

    Welcome to the "Monday came too soon" edition of The Vista Daily. Here's a small spattering of what happened today: Office 2007's sales are doing extremely well. "With almost zero advertising and marketing until the January 30, 2007 retail launch, I expected U.S. commercial license sales of Office 2007...
  • The Daily Vista #7

    Another quiet day in Microsoft-land. Most everyone is at TechReady 4 this week, so not much news today. Corporate computer threats 'moving to Adobe' , says Black Hat conference creator Jeff Moss. His argument is that because Vista and Office 2007 are so well-architected, crimeware is moving to Acrobat...
  • The Vista Daily #6

    Welcome to the not-quite-the-weekend edition of The Vista Daily. Thursdays are typically quiet, so not much happened today. There's still a few items of note, so here we go! Microsoft is researching the possibility of releasing an update to FrontPage Extensions to work on Vista & Longhorn. Unfortunately...
  • The Windows Daily #5

    In my own personal protest of today's major story , this entry was created on my Windows Mobile phone while listening to a Zune and walking back and forth across the street. All the BS going on in the world today, and THIS is how our elected officials are governing? Geez. Anyway, here's what else happened...
  • The Vista Daily #4

    It's been a crazy couple days, so this one's a little late. So here's the "catching up" edition... The New York Times thinks the "Wow" was missing from the Vista launch . I think the NYT has a pretty big pair of stainless steel cahones to be able to make that statement without a shred of evidence to...
  • The Vista Daily #3

    Today's post should be the "Bill Gates" edition, since we've got a bunch of them. "Vista is so secure it could run life support systems" . In their effort to summarize the quote, the author mislead people with their title. Gates said it could run hospitals, he never said anything about life support machines...
  • The Vista Daily #2

    Here's the Vista Daily for Thursday, February 1, 2007. Microsoft dethrones Johnson & Johnson as Most Trusted Company . WHAT??!? Unbelievable. I thought the world hated Microsoft? And no, I didn't vote for them 5,000 times. Vista Speech commands can enable low-tech exploit ... if your microphone and...
  • The Vista Daily #1

    Since the Vista news has exploded in recent days, I'm going to start doing link posts for the articles that I think are important, but I don't necessarily have anything extra to add to the discussion. Without further ado, here it goes: ActiveWin's 72-page Vista Review . Holy crap those guys never sleep...
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