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  • Non Working Features in Longhorn v4051

    Non Working Features in Longhorn v4051 -A listing of features I have found that are not enabled in the PDC Build I initially started this list as a blog entry , but I have started adding to it and realized that it will fit better as an “article”. I will be maintaining the article listing...
  • HTML revised (verbositized)

    I found this as a good short example of the new text markup that is used in XAML (posted by Ian Griffiths of DevelopMentor ). If you haven't looked at the markup style yet, you will notice its very similar, you just now have to spell everything out. <TextPanel xmlns="
  • Non-working Features in Longhorn

    UPDATE: I have moved the list to a different location, you can now find it here This is a living “Non-working” features list I will be compiling over time while working in Longohorn. I know the PDC Build is a pre-alpha and in no way expect everything to work. I am just going to catalog issues...
  • Designing the World

    From Rob Relyea’s post, I think there are some things that need to be addressed ( ). I feel strongly that XAML is for the designer only (the loaded word designer applies in this case to a person designer and the tool in VS). I may be wrong, as time...
  • On the Road to Longhorn

    Like my first post on LonghornBlogs, I would now like to post my first one from Longhorn! I have installed it on one of my desktops, and I am still contemplating whether I want to use the other partition I made for WinXP. Longhorn is just so appealing that it is a hard choice. However, I am having a...
  • Reporting Longhorn / Whidbey bugs useful?

    Because most teams at Microsoft seem already a milestone or two ahead of what the Longhorn and Whidbey PDC builds reflect, how much is it worth to report bugs? Hello? Redmond? Comments?
  • Superfetch

    Everybody has heard of the word in the PDC keynote. There are ideas that are going around, but no one really has a strong grasp. I Googled it and only found the word as used in keynote summaries. That is not much help for a word used in front of 8,500 inquisitive developers. Here is a little more: Superfetch...
  • A Wonderful World

    Having had a chance to settle down and peer into the Longhorn SDK, I can tell you it is going to be a fun ride. I mean, I knew there were going to be cool technologies, but not to this magnitude. Take a look for yourself, if you already haven’t: , the samples...
  • Installing the PDC build

    I’ve got the PDC build running on my box. Jim Allchin was right; it isn’t exactly screamingly fast – at least in Virtual PC. Here are a few notes: · Needless to say, but: Have a dedicated box for Longhorn or use Virtual PC. I’ll likely get a new box when I am back at home...
  • Why there hasn't been development of IE

    Intro to XUL and predictions about a similar Microsoft effort. I have been talking a lot about exciting upcoming technologies. Well, here is another: XAML, which stands for XML Application Markup Language. This is meant to be a primer for something that may be unveiled at the PDC. I say may, because...
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