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  • No sound in Longhorn

    Ok, I've gone long enough. When I heard I was getting the PDC Bits I went out and bought a new computer, because I didn't want to mess with any of that Virtual PC stuff. The problem is, I did not upgrade the sound card; so all I have now is Dell Integrated Audio, which the drivers will not successfully...
  • Ian Helps out with Help

    Ian Griffiths mentions how he overcame his Longhorn SDK help issues (script errors, slow to load). He changed his main drive from FAT32 to NTFS. I got all excited and thought maybe that is my problem too. I checked my drive and its already set to NTFS :( My Help app probably runs faster than Ian's did...
  • Spell Checked Text Box

    Source Code can be found here Spell Checking is an extremely helpful utility. I have actually come to rely on it greatly, which in no way helps the problem (of me learning to spell the word correctly). Anyway, there is no turning back, and I like to know that everything is spelled correctly. It reflects...
  • Writing Style, text not coding...

    Kent Tegels mentioned his admiration of Bert Sugar 's writing style. As an avid reader, this is the style I enjoy. Visual and casual; you really feel as if you are sitting in a diner with the writer and he is recalling an experience and passing on mental pictures not just words. I've noticed that in...
  • Purple OS

    Tonight while reading the Purple Cow book by Seth Godin , I ran into this text: Can you create a culture of aggressively prototyping new products and policies? When GM shows a concept car at the New York Auto Show, there's more than ego involved. They're trying to figure out what car nuts think is remarkable...
  • Longhorn Meetup

    The time has come. " An operating system of the people, by the people, and for the people shall not perish from the earth." - A PDC Attendant Join Developers for Longhorn in our grassroots campaign to move computing forward and push Microsoft into the Future.
  • Microsoft Venus in Visual Studio?

    On startup of Visual Studio Whidbey Tech Preview I noticed tonight, that “Microsoft Venus” was listed as an “Installed Product“. The only mention I found of “Microsoft” and “Venus” on the internet was back in '99 when Microsoft expanded its China consumer...
  • System Stats Using Avalon Animation Lingo Article

    This sample is intended to show the “wow” effect for Avalon, and still maintain a sense of functionality. We will build a Task Manager in the most basic form, using many types of Animation –RotateTransform, TranslateTransform, and TransformDecorator Animations for properties such as...
  • Brent Rector's WinFX (paperbound) book

    I've been reading Brent Rector's chapters/articles[1] on MSDN, but I was excited to see this entry on Kent Tegel's blog . He links to Brent Rector's WinFX MS Press book on BookPool . Discounted price and it comes in tangible paperbound form. Awesome. Now the book might contain the same content as what...
  • 3rd Party software that works in Longhorn

    I just found this thread started on . Looks like a promising list so far. It'd be interesting to know what else works on the current build. Anyone using other software successfully that hasn't been listed? Still trying to get my sound card to work...
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