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  • Where is the transparency, and no, Avalon this doesn't concern you

    Interesting discussion going on in the comments, although Brian Shapiro ends with: "i was also hoping for discussion in the posts i made but nobody has really touched them." Alas, I don't have an answer. I was also hoping for more of a discussion by people in positions to make things happen, but that...
  • Better Service

    Why are there 10 million instant messaging applications? MSN, Yahoo, AIM, Skype... Let me tell you, an instant message at its most basic form is a commodity. Trust me. There are special services layered on top, but at the base (the text) it's a commodity. So, if all of these operating system vendors...
  • The Smallest MSBuild Project

    The smallest MSBuild project, considering of course, the included assembly could be excluded: < Project > < Item Type ="Reference" Include ="$(lapi)\Microsoft. NET \Framework\v2.0.31113\System.MessageBus" Name ="System.MessageBus" /> < Item Type ="Compile" Include ="Client.cs" /> <...
  • Please Reconsider

    I am sorry for the post to follow because I try to keep a very high signal to noise ratio on this blog, although I thought that some words were needed, that I had not yet seen in the blogosphere. Why must we taint Avalon by back porting it to XP? Obviously, the technical problems are going to be far...
  • Create New Folder in Longhorn 4074

    This is a very simple solution to the odd bug where "New Folder" is not available in the context menu of Explorer. Click on Start, then Run. Type regedit, click on OK. Go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/.Folder (not Folder but .Folder with a dot) Double-click on (Default) Type "Folder" (without the quotes) in the...
  • Missing Indigo library in PDC Longhorn

    Currently, if you attempt to use Indigo, you may quickly run into an error, warning that a library is missing, usually once you get into the System.Net.PeerToPeer namespace. Well, yesterday in a “Developing Mobile Applications in Longhorn” webcast, Derek Ferguson mentioned the cause of the...
  • System.Help

    System.Help So, they have been hard at work creating a task-oriented help system that is extensible and easy to understand. I guess it now time that we stop using our own system and partake in the fruits provided. Some clarifications from above should probably be in order: Task-oriented – The new...
  • ObjectSpaces

    ObjectSpaces The ObjectSpace technology, coupled with basic XML querying will eradicate current methods for database manipulation as we know them. At least, that is how I feel. In both statements, the back-end database remains essentially the same. It is a column and row relational storage device. But...
  • ContactPickerDialog

    A semi interesting UI control is the ContactPickerDialog: Longhorn is slated to have many standard UI controls like this that represent social aspects, like Contacts. Anyway, programming against the ContactPickerDialog is straight forward. ContactPickerDialog picker = new ContactPickerDialog(); picker...
  • Browse Together Article

    This article will focus on the Real Time Communication stack that is present in Longhorn. We will implement an instant messaging application that allows two users to browse the internet and chat together. Further, an introduction to the managed web browser; and, hosting WinForms controls inside Avalon...
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