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  • MyXAML

    Well you've heard of Xamlon , you can now welcome onto the scene - MyXAML MyXAML is another declarative-based Windows Forms generator. but this time its an open-source effort. The project administrator is Marc Clifton of CodeProject fame. Looks interesting, but at this point I am too ingrained in the...

    Andrew Watt didn't think it was funny , but I found this humorous. Check out , truly registered by Microsoft . Channel 9 is the Public Broadcasting Station in Seattle.
  • K. Scott Allen's first Longhorn experience

    K. Scott Allen started using Longhorn this weekend and came up with a Visual Source Safe Utility and some good feedback . A few quotes I like: ”GUI design with XAML is going to be fun” “ I find the task based documentation (How Do I?) in the SDK extremely useful“ - My favorite...
  • Longhorn DevCenter Feedback

    Chris Sells asked for some feedback on the current Longhorn Dev Center , so here we go: My first thought is to post some type of timeline for Longhorn release. This seems to be the first question that comes up when I talk to others about Longhorn. “When's it coming out?” “When's the...
  • Longhorn Meetup in Fort Wayne, IN

    The official Longhorn MeetUp in Fort Wayne was cancelled, but we've got enough people interested we're still going to meet. We will be meeting at Munchie's on Broadway 7:00pm February 24th. (I doubt many people from the area will see this, but its worth a shot.)
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