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  • AMD & Vista: The First 100 Days

    Several weeks ago, I posted a letter from AMD Executive VP Henri Richard (pronounced En-re Ri-shard) to the employees at AMD, regarding their internal adoption of Windows Vista. Today, he gave bloggers an exclusive video conference call about said adoption, and other AMD-related topics. Ironically, today...
  • First Week Reflections

    Holy crap, it's been a busy week. Launched a new site , practiced my interview skills on one of the top guys at Microsoft, spent 2 days with the people that beat up Vista every day... absolutely crazy. First off, I wanted to thank everyone for all their positive comments about the site and its design...
  • Mary Jo Foley: The Exit Interview

    Alright, I admit it. I knew what was going on all along . Mary Jo Foley dropped a bombshell this afternoon , announcing she was leaving MicrosoftWatch to branch out on her own after 11 years at ZiffDavis. What are her plans for the future? I have the exclusive Exit Interview. RWM: You’ve been covering...
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