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Windows Vista Tips (1-3)

I would like to share a few tips in using Windows Vista. I verified them in both Windows Vista Ultimate and Windows Vista Business, but they should be applicable to other versions as well. Maybe you have found one or two, but most of my friends were unaware of them until I did a quick demo.

  1. For the Date and Time dialog that pops up when you single click the Clock icon on the task bar, it shows view for the current month. But you can change it to be 12-month view by clicking on the month hypertext between left and right arrows. For example:


    And if you click on year (e.g. 2007) hypertext, you enter view for 2000-2009. The transition is quite sleek. And it can help you navigate calendars back and forth more efficiently.
  2. Search box on Control Panel is aware of many keywords associated with various applets. Try typing the following words to see if it can save you time: DPI, battery, or User.
  3. Flip (Alt+Tab) and Flip 3d (Window + Tab) mode can be made stay on the screen when you also use Ctrl key.

Do you have your favorite Windows Vista tips to share?

Posted on Jul 04 2007, 01:34 PM by zhanbos
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