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  • Happy Lunar New Year 2006

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    For people like me who also celebrate lunar New Year, one of its benefits is that I can make my New Year Resolutions again.

    One of my (Lunar) New Year Resolutions is to write more in longhornblogs. And I start with this post right after midnight of New Year's Eve (Pacific Time).

    2006 is the year Windows Vista (codenamed Longhorn) ships and I am really excited about this release. 2006 also happened to be my office number while I was working with Windows Presentation Foundation (codenamed Avalon) in building 10. Starting from the end of December 2005, I am with Visual Designer for Windows Presentation Foundation (codenamed Cider) team.

    If you need an introduction of Cider, you can start with this Channel 9 video featuring Mark Boulter and Brian Pepin. We have already released two CTPs (Community Technical Preview): December CTP and January CTP, with more to come.

    Going forward, I plan to write more on what I have learnt about Cider, Avalon, as well as .NET in general. Realizing the full potential of .NET can only be achieved by small progress we make day in and day out. Sharing knowledge goes a long way toward the goal.

    Have a Happy Lunar New Year!