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  • Main Blog moved to

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    Ok, the confusion is over back on my old .TEXT blog. I tried WordPress. I liked it. However, I recieved a gracious invitation from Scott Belleware and Brendan Tompkins via email to join the CodeBetter community. Based on messages from their/our community, they felt my proper home was there on CodeBetter so this is my new blog and this is my new FeedBurner feed. I agree. I have written extensively about the Agile movement, Software Architecture, and the changes that need to happen in the .NET community to move this community upward and forward into an respected Enterprise Development technology community. I feel that CodeBetter is a large part of making that happen. So I am real honored to be here. I'm sorry for all the confusion on my other blogs but please join me on CodeBetter.
  • The Amazing VistaTweakPro!

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    I just found this amazing tweak program on It is VistaTweakPRO and it is better than TweakVista. There is not a version for 5270 yet but they plan a super one. There are also amazing tweaks and tips on the siite!

    VistaTweakPRO was designed for both beginners as well as the most advanced tweakers. For those who have used tweaking programs in the past, you will be impressed with the number of tweaks, tips, and tricks that VistaTweakPRO provides. Some key features included in this program are: "DWM Tweaks" (including some not available in any other program) such as enabling more creative use of animations, borders, and effects Miscellaneous tweaks for Vista, including the ability to add Administrator to the Welcome screen (with other users you created), removal of shortcut arrows, and to change Desktop and Start Menu icon sizes A series of "How-Tos" with pictures: using Virtual Folders, how to Magnify Images, use the Solutions Panel and new Start Menu Plus much more!

  • NVidia GeForce FX Go5200 LDDM Won't Work on 5270

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    This is really starting to piss me off!!!! [8o|] I have been driving myself crazy with this for weeks. I have a Toshiba Satellite with an NVidia GeForce FX Go5200. The non-LDDM driver works fine but that's no real fun or use. There IS an NVidia GeForce FX Go5200 LDDM driver that worked in all previous builds. Now it doesn't. If I install that driver, I get a blank screen just after the Longhorn logo on boot right as its trying to display the login screen. Does anyone know what is happening? Has anyone gotten this card to work with LDDM/Glass? Why did it regress?