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December 2005 - Posts

  • SOLVED! Indigo Problem with Vista/IIS 7 and Dec WinFX

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    I have an advanced scenario that is producing an exception that I suspect is a simple configuration setting but I don't know what it is. I am posting this on my Longhorn Blog so please comment there. I have an Indigo service (actually one of a whole bunch) that has been working with IIS6/Windows XP and Nov CTP. Our dev team moved to the Dec CTP and we have verified that there are zero changes in our code or config andit works on XP/IIS 6.0. Meanwhile bonehead Sam has overwritten his "work" system with Dec Vista and IIS 7. Everything like VS2005 and WinFX is working but I am getting this exception from Indigo on running:


    {"The content type text/html; charset=utf-8 of the response message does not match the content type of the binding (application/soap+xml; charset=utf-8)."}

    Do I need to change some setting in IIS 7.0 to get it work? It seems like a mismatch between text/html and application/soap+xml both using charset=utf-8. IIS7 is set to “utf-8“ for “Requests“, Response Headers and Responses under Globalization. We are using wsHttpBinding.

    Solution So Far: The first aspect of getting things correct, as somone emailed me is making sure that the .svc file extension was configured as a file type. That got me to the point where I could browse to the .svc file on my local machine and it is not finding the built assembly even though it is indeed BUILT and in the virtual directory's bin directory. Running it still produces the same error however.

    Solution Part 2: That just won't stand with me so I tore open the offending DLL with Reflector and sure enough the type is there inside the right DLL and namespace and public. There has to be something about how IIS7 is dealing with this.

    The Real Solution: Thanks to Wilco Bauwer for the solution in email. The Virtual Directory I created for the service was not an Application. In IIS7, the UI of the Management Console is quite different and they are created distinctly. Of course, being a (former) CLR Guy I should have known this following part - DOH!!!, “When a VD is not created as an application, the runtime will (by default) not probe any of the VD’s bin directories, and instead just look in the GAC/bin of the website.”

    I now have Indigo Services running on IIS7 and Vista. How cool is that?

  • Feedback Time Please

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    This blog has been going since March 2002 when it was only me, Peter Drayton and Simon Fell as .NET bloggers. Its come a long way since then. I know I have a lot of loyal readers and a lot of people that recomend me on their blogs. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am truly blessed. I would like to take stock at this point and ask you for a little feedback. Since that blog can't do comments (tech reasons, that could be part of your feedback), I am going to direct you to this same topic on Longhorn Blog (as this one can).  If you have only have a minute tell me what is the single best reason you read and single worst aspect of the blog. If you have a few then:

    1. What do you like?
    2. What don't you like?
    3. What do you want to see more of?
    4. Less of?
    5. What would make you read/comment more?
  • Orcas Designer for Avalon Totally Rocks!!

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    Now that I got the mess working, I must say that the Orcas Designer from Avalon totally utterly rocks!!
  • I Fought the Vista and I Won!

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    I have battled with the December WinFX Runtime Components and Dec WinFX SDK on Dec Vista for the last 6 hours. I would keep getting errors like “WinFX Runtime Components Not Installed” (they were and they were Dec) or that it was the wrong version, like others documented here and here. Brian Noyes and others have had success with:

    E:\Setup>msiexec /package WinSDK-x86.msi /quiet /lv c:\out.log

    No matter what I did ( I even removed the WinFX Dec RC by HAND from the Registry) it would say that it was there (but incorrect version) or not there but in either case, the SDK install would not even start. I finally logged in as Administrator, something I didn't want to do but it failed there just as nicely-). So finally, I got the whole Windows SDK for Vista from Microsoft Connect, which apparently contains the WinFX stuff to install there. So there, take that Vista!! -)

  • What's Installed and Working on 5270

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    So now that things are working, at least without Glass, I have kept going. The following is what I have tried installing:

    Installed Software
    Product Status
    Microsoft Office Professsional 2003 with SP2 Success but Outlook 2003 doesn't seem to retreive mail
    Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Architect Success
    XML Spy Home Edition Success
    WinFX Dec CTP Runtime Components Success but see Posts
    Vista DEC Windows SDK Success but See Posts
    WinFX Dec CTP Integration with VS2005 Success
    WinFX Dec CTP Windows Workflow Success
    Daemon Tools 4.0 Success but not operating properly
    SQL Server 2005 Engine Success on server parts from file system
    SQL Server Management Studio and Tools Success!!!
    CheckPoint Secure Client VPN Blue Screen
    Notepad2 Success
    Hilight Code Converter Success
    WinMerge Success
    Paint.NET 2.6 Alpha 2 Success
    Visual Source Safe 2005 Success
    Infragistics NetAdvantage 2005 Volume 2 or 3 Refuses to install because can't access \inetpub\wwwroot!!!
    NUnit 2.2.5 Success
    SysInternals Tools All
  • Correction and Whole New Outlook on Vista 5270

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    If there is one thing I cannot tolerate on my blog, it is incorrect technical information. In my post on Vista Build 5270, I made some statements that were incorrect. As Ian Griffiths kindly points out in comments in Julie's post, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the Vista ISO image. I said it did “weird things” when it is doing completly the right thing and not opening with WinRAR which doesn't support the UDF file system and it is telling me to do the right thing. My apologies on my incorrect information.

    Given Ian's success on a ThinkPad T43p with an ATIX600, I just installed Vista 5270 on a ThinkPad T42 which has an ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 instead. All the drivers installed except that one but I was able to install it using the Device Manager and Windows Update. The ATI Mobility Radeon Driver is totally supported in Vista. The only bummer is that there is no LDDM driver for it even in the CATALYST Drivers on the ATI Vista site

  • More Vista 5270 Impressions

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    As I struggled with 5270, I looked around to see if others were having the same experience. Brandon LeBlanc is usually over-enthusiastic about general Vista builds but I see he has reached a lot of the same conclusions. I'll quote them as they speak for me as well, “I've been using the CTP alot this evening and I've come to the conclusion that as much as I want to, this build isn't ready for everyday use - at least for me and my hardware. In terms of my drivers for my hardware, this build moves completely back-wards. Before hand in builds such as 5231, all my drivers worked absolutely wonderfully. Build 5270 has not been nice to my hardware this time around. Especially with my sound and graphics.” “But UAP (User Account Protection) is something I wish I can just turn off and forget about. UAP is blocking my every move. Yes, I could log in as Administrator and do all my testing there but what's the point? I am testing Vista as Vista should be run by any average home user - never as an Administrator.”

    I also don't understand the point of the way UAP is implemented. It also blocks my every move. You get an annoying dialog for almost everything you do and it is the wrong level of dialog as well. It talks about some DLL rather than a permission request. I've said it once, I'll say it again; if Microsoft wants to do Least Privilege right, they should like at how OS/X does it which raises a dialog box asking for an admin account. This coupled with all the driver issues makes this a build I can't really recommend to install. I mean, I don't want to be negative and I can't tell people to do but what's the point especially as WinFX Dec won't install on it.

    I was worried about the two previous above lines as I know the team wants this tested. On the other side Jeffand Roberthave had very positive experiences, so although I can't get any Video drivers working that worked in the previous build, you should give it a try and judge for yourself as well as report issues.

  • Windows Vista 5270 Installed But...

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    I've gotten it installed on my Toshiba after a long night and morning. It installed but none of the 5 NVidia Fx5200 drivers work, both LDDM and regular as they did before. In addition, there does not appear to be a supplied drivers disk or program anymore so I have just regular VGA. There is a whole host of other problems including that the ISO file itself does weird things. It won't crack open with WinRAR or anything displaying some error about a UDF file system. I had to use the WinXP Virtual CD program to even get it to install. Argh....

    posted on Wednesday, December 21, 2005 12:48 AM

  • Windows Vista and Vista Server Build 5270

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    Along with the release of WinFX, I should have noted explicitly that Vista and Vista Server Build 5270 have been made available for us testers on Microsoft Connect. These builds are also public builds available for MSDN Universal Subscribers.

    posted on Monday, December 19, 2005 3:26 PM

  • WinFX Dec CTP Released along with Public Release of Vista

    Normally I am really excited about new releases of WinFX/Indigo but our team members just looked up after reading Windows Vista Get the Beta Web page to see a description of what's included, read the release notes and download the goods!” It is actually very exciting even though we have to upgrade because as Mike Swanson notes that the Visual Studio Code Name "Orcas" CTP WinFX Development Tools are included!