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September 2005 - Posts

  • Where is IIS in Vista Build 5219?

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    Oh where or where is IIS a.ka.a World Wide Web Publishing Service. In Beta 1, it was turned off by default. In Build 5219. It is not there at all! I just confirmed that it's not in Vista Client.
  • Windows Vista Build 5219 Aero Glass is Amazing!

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    So,  I said in my last post that I didn't get Aero Glass by default on my NVidia GeForce FX Go5200 but you can change this. I found how on this post on Neowin:

    Start > run, type in devmgmt.msc
    Display Adapters > right click on Geforce FX Go5200
    goto drivers
    update drivers
    don't do win update
    don't search
    choose pick from list
    uncheck show compatible hardware

    Man: nVidia
    Device: Geforce FX 5200 (LDDM)

    The thing that is amazing is all the visual candy that now works such as the Sliding Full Preview Alt-Tab feature and the Windows - Spacebar Window stacking! Holy cow this rocks! The only trouble is with the LDDM Glass driver I can only get 1024X768 instead of the regular 1440X900 widescreen which makes it hard to work but the effects are mindblowing.

    Hmm, now my Glass is gone. I installed and ran VirtualPC and its gone now. [:@]

  • Windows Vista Build 5219 Installed

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    I got Beta 2 (5219) installed pretty easily except I could not format the drive or do anything with DiskPart at the command-line utility and had to install it beside the old one on the same disk. The Tablet stuff is there (why do they insist on installing this by default if I don't have a Pen???) and the Media Center stuff is there (pretty awesome). There seems to be lots of pleasing little changes to the UI that make it even more visually apealing. Still no true Glass out of the box for my NVidia GeForce FX Go5200 although it indicates “Glass” and does look better than the Beta 1 default. Doing the steps from here, I've gotten the WinFx CTP installation done and starting on Visual Studio (Beta 2!!!) now. And yes, once again, MSXML 6.0 Parser refuses to installl from VS setup but installs by hand. All installed now and working although I see some issues in the Avalon and Indigo Projects from VS.

    posted on Friday, September 16, 2005 5:35 PM

  • New and Notable 79

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    I was in the middle of a beautifull New and Notable, 2nd day in a row no less when Windows Vista Beta 1 froze. No blue screen, just totally froze. No response to Task Manager or Ctrl-Alt-Delete. I guess you are not supposed to play a Windows Media Player file at the same time as doing anything else or maybe Vista hates Since I've Been Loving You from Led Zeppelin.

    posted on Friday, September 16, 2005 12:06 PM

  • New and Notable 78

    Yet another big gap (August 3rd) [:D]. As you can tell from all the latest posts, I am playing a lot with Vista, WinFX (Indigo AND Avalon) and half a dozen incompatible versions of SQL Server/VSTS as well as diving into ADO.NET 2.0 in my day job. I am also writing some great new code and material for my Occasionally-Connected Smart Client session in Orlando. If you have seen this talk before at DevTeach and Code Camp, I apologize [:$]; it's been kind of lame but this one is really cool with an Outlook style app and Whidbey's Click Once as well as OCC and syncing with SQL Mobile and the like. So what do I have to share? More left-over stuff from the PDC that I haven't posted yet. I am also writing a book proposal together with someone from That Small Software Company in the Pacific Northwest. Take 3 guesses on subject? It sure ain't Visual C++.NET like the last one!

    posted on Thursday, September 15, 2005 8:18 PM

  • 9/14 WinFX Sept CTP Released but Will NOT Install on Vista Beta 1

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    Now that Jason has made public the fact that the September WinFX CTP is online now, I can post my findings from a week ago, when I had it for the Indigo program, that the WinFX SDK part will not install on Vista! It says “The product only supports installation to Microsoft code-named “Longhorm” Beta 2.” So is this the PDC build or what build? While you're at it, you may want to look at my Microsoft Max post. Are you sensing a theme here?

    posted on Wednesday, September 14, 2005 6:25 PM

  • 9/14 - First of Monthly Vista CTP Builds

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    After seeing the new Vista build yesterday, I begun drooling to replace my Beta 1 with it and couldn't find it. Robert is reporting that it will be on MSDN within 72 hours and will start a program of monthly CTP builds.

    posted on Wednesday, September 14, 2005 10:44 AM

  • 9/13 - New Stuff Videos Up on Channel 9

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    Scoble has a whole bunch of new stuff video from today's PDC. At the risk of repeating some of what he posted, “ I just loaded six videos up on Channel 9. The two that I think will be most viewed are the Office 12 UI video and the Windows Vista Explorer video.

    Also there now are the AERO interface video, the 10 things devs need to know to build a great Windows Vista video, LINQ video, and the Internet Hearts video (a cool game written with Windows Presentation Foundation).”

    posted on Tuesday, September 13, 2005 5:25 PM

  • 9/13 - Microsoft MAX ! on Vista

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    I was real excited to see the demo app today, Microsoft MAX, leverage Indigo and Avalon. But what happens when you try to install on Windows Vista? The home of WinFX and get that it requires and only runs on XP SP2!!  I am getting real tired of all the WinFX stuff and various tools not running on Vista and instead on XP.
  • 9/12 - Windows Vista and MSCORSVW.EXE

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    On 8/14/05, I wrote about 9 days problem free on Vista and how impressed I was. I am still using Vista but with the use of Outlook, VPC and some versions of VS2005 to do my work, I have run into some serious issues. Very often, mscorsvw.exe will start running for no apparent reason and use 40-80% of the CPU. I don't know quite what's going on but it's making it awful hard to keep using it for work. It wasn't doing this before so I am not sure what is going on. It's doing it right now (49% CPU) with nothing running (and you can hear the disk kicking in as well)!

    Ah, it seems to be something with the .NET Runtime Optimization Service which is supposed to “provide support for optimizing managed assemblies using NGEN technologies.” Ah, I am going to have to dig into this from my CLR/Rotor hat and understand this. Jeff Richter had talked to me a while back about the upcoming NGEN changes and improvements and there has been an MSDN article as well. I don't understand what the Optimization Service is supposed to be doing but that's the guy that's eating all the CPU and with it off, it's all OK again. Hmm...

    [:-*] The CLR Group has contacted me on this one....