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  • New Laptop and Longhorn

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    Greetings from Longhorn. My hard disk went yet again on my WinBook as it was time for another trip, this time for INETA next week to Florida. Faithful readers will recall that on my last trip, to Redmond, it had an infamous disk meltdown. The WinBook's hard drive seems to be tied intimately to knowing when I need it most and melting appropriately. Since WinBook could not replace my drive in time for my INETA trip and now I am in a frantic mode to restore all my disk contents, presentation and code, I went out and bought a whole new laptop. This time I thought Longhorn in advance and thought big. I bought a Toshiba Satellite P25-S609 with the new Theater style wide screen (2000x900) with an NVidia GeForce FX Go5200 video card with 64MB DDR VRAM. Other features of this bad boy include 17.0 inch diagonal WXGA, DVD multi-drive (with record), harmon/kardon speakers, Pentim IV 3.0Ghz, 802.11a/g wireless, 80GB hard drive and 1GB on-line RAM. It actually runs Windows XP Media Center which is kind of freaky even after you upgrade to XP Professional.

    I've got some great news for the Longhorn faithful though. You may recall from my initial reports that it was pretty hard to run at all. I am happy to report that on this machine, it is not only responsive but fairly fast! This is under VPC2004 emulation too as I was not able to install it natively for now as Longhorn insisted on taking the whole drive and wiping out other Windows installs rather than nicely going to it's own little corner, err directory. But I am psyched! This is definitely usable. Well, I better get back to installing all my regular software for my presentation.