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  • Five Silly Mistakes to Make When Installing Longhorn

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    Tim Sneath “Five Silly Mistakes to Make When Installing Longhorn“ is extremely useful. I wish we had this before we installed. Pay special heed to: “Don't bother installing it as a Virtual PC image unless you have a seriously well-specified machine; certainly not if you plan to play around in any depth with the sample applications that ship as part of the SDK. By well-specified, I mean a machine with more than 1GB RAM, a 3GHz processor, and ideally a separate hard drive / controller for the Longhorn image. I could swear that I heard the sound of laughter from my laptop when I fired up Longhorn for the first time as a Virtual PC image. (On the other hand, installing Windows Server 2003 / Whidbey / Yukon works a treat in a Virtual PC, and I've been using this combination quite happily since spring.) “ Mine was indeed laughing even though it was a 2Ghz Pentium IV laptop and 1GB Ram. He makes the critical point that most people don't get, “this is a developer preview release. This is the earliest in the product cycle we've ever given out bits without requiring stringent NDAs, to the best of my knowledge (although the first beta of Windows 2000 - Windows NT 5.0 as it was known at the time - was pretty ropey too). “ This is so true and I as a bleeding edge early adopter am very grateful for this and will deal with these scenarios. The point is, as with any software this early, is if you are not prepared to bleed heavily, then don't install it-)
  • Sam Does the Longhorn Thing

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    Thanks to Robert for setting up my Longhorn Blog and this great site! For those who don't know me from my long-running CLR and .NET Blog, my name is Sam Gentile. I am an INETA Speaker, .NET Consultant, Author and overall early adopter geek. I guess my early adopter days go back to the Beta of OLE 2.0 (1992)  which became COM, through NT's early betas, (many other betas and alphas along the way), MTS, COM+ and into NGWS, .NET where I was in the .NET Early Adopter Program (EAP). I have since shipped four .NET products into production, particularly this one. I have been a developer since 1985 starting with DOS and Windows 2.0! I guess that dates me-) I now consult for various clients like 3Leaf Solutions, Microsoft, Groove and others on advanced .NET projects.

    I am pretty pumped by what I have seen already in Longhorn and have installed Longhorn, and written my first simple application. I have a passionate interest in Longhorn becoming the “managed OS” from Microsoft. I am pretty much an internals kind of wonk so I will initially taking apart Avalon and such in Ildasm, Reflector and such and trying to figure out what's going on underneath. I hope you will join me on this journey as I learn and try to share with the community what I have learned and tools I develop.