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  • Requests for xaml:blog should be forwarded to

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    I've moved over to msn spaces.

    If you want to see any of my future posts, please go to:


    Thanks to everybody here at LHBlogs for hosting me since PDC 2003.

  • Beyond data visualization

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    WPF has some great Data Visualization features. I'm working with Kevin Moore, other WPF teammates and people around the company to think about how we might be able to do even more with data.  We think we are on to something very nice...

    Hope to have more to share on this in a little while...we are having fun.

  • WPF General Manager on Channel 9

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    Just finished watching my boss' boss Michael Wallent talk about the forming of the Avalon team, the journey to shipping our v1, and some of the places we know we want to go in the future...Many of you will enjoy some of the history behind the forming of the Avalon team.

    He talks about some of our early bets: managed code, xaml, etc...

    Check out the video:

    I've been in Michael's org ever since I joined as a PM in the IE5 team...he is very passionate about technology and our customers.  Fun to work with.

    We'll watch for your comments on Channel 9, feel free to ask questions/post comments here as well...

  • Early notice of a change to WPF templates: "MyApp.xaml" to "App.xaml"

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    Just a quick note to book authors, users, and anybody else who cares.

    I'm communicating early because...well, why wait?

    Microsoft Tools and MyApp.xaml
    The VS "Orcas" team and Expression Interactive Designer team plan to change a few things about the default files created when you create a new WPF project.  You'll likely see the change in VS next CTP...EID will come the release after that.

    Today's Model
    Today, VS "Orcas" creates a MyApp.xaml file with the following root element:
    <Application x:Class="ProjectName.MyApp" ...>

    Today, EID ("Sparkle") creates an Application.xaml file with the following root element:
    <Application x:Class="ProjectName.MainApplication" ... >   

    Next CTP's model
    Those teams have decided to move to a consistent model.  The file will be called App.xaml and will look like this:
    <Application x:Class="ProjectName.App" ... >


    What should you do?

    Tool authors - you likely want to be consistent with this change.
    Book authors - you probably want to update your examples.
    Users - you can rename your files and x:Class attribute value if you like...although there is no need.


    Manual steps to Change an existing project (if you want to)

    To change your project in EID:

    1) right click on Application.xaml, rename to App.xaml
    2) right click on Application.xaml.cs or Application.xaml.vb, rename to App.xaml.cs or App.xaml.vb
    3) in App.xaml, change x:Class="UntitledProject1.MainApplication" to x:Class="UntitledProject1.App"
    4) if C# project, in App.xaml.cs:
        change from:
    public partial class MainApplication: System.Windows.Application
       change to:
    public partial class App: System.Windows.Application
    5) if VB project, in App.xaml.vb:
        change from:
    Partial Public Class MainApplication
        Inherits System.Windows.Application

       change to:

    Partial Public Class App
        Inherits System.Windows.Application


    To change your project in VS "Orcas":

    1) right click on MyApp.xaml, rename to App.xaml
    2) right click on Application.xaml.cs or Application.xaml.vb, rename to App.xaml.cs or App.xaml.vb
    3) in App.xaml, change x:Class="ProjectName.MyApp" to x:Class="ProjectName.App"
    4) if C# project, in App.xaml.cs:
        change from:
    public partial class MyApp : Application

       change to:
    public partial class App : Application

    5) if VB project, in App.xaml.vb:
        change from:
    Partial Public Class MyApp
        Inherits Application

       change to:

    Partial Public Class App
        Inherits Application

    Please let us know if you have questions/issues.

  • WPF application update w/ Petzold

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    Charles Petzold has been generating many interesting blog posts dealing with WPF/XAML.

    As part of his book writing effort (Applications = Markup +Code), he even created a XAMLPad like application called XAML Cruncher.  It added a number of interesting features over XAMLPad (open, save as, etc...).

    He just made his first updates to the application, and when I ran it I was prompted to see if I wanted to install the update. Nice way to keep software up to date.


    If you want to try XAML Cruncher, install it from this page. (It requires the FebCTP of WinFX).


    Charles - I'm looking forward to your book.

  • IE7 Search Bar + OpenSearch

    I'm loving the work many of my former teammates (I was an IE PM working on DHTML's programmibility from IE5 to IE6) are doing over on IE7.

    Keyboard (or mouse) shortcuts I like:
    ctrl-t - opens a new tab
    ctrl-click on a link (opens in a new tab in the background)
    ctrl-e, moves keyboard focus to the search box, type your term, then:
       1) enter to navigate the current tab
       2) alt-enter to navigate a new tab
    See more at the Keyboard Lover's Guide to IE7.

    Search Providers
    Adding search providers is nice:

    Search on this site

    Navigate to a site with a <link /> tag pointing to information about their search, and it shows up in the drop down box next to search...

    For instance...go to and see how the drop down changes. (it changes color and adds some choices in the drop down...)

    Install IE7 Preview?
    If you haven't tried IE7, now may be a good time:
       Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Preview - released on March 20th.

  • Check out Fil's Thailand demo app on C9

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    Fil is on Channel9 doing a demo of building an application in WPF.

    This is based on the demo he did at Mix06 for developers...