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PRS305 - Healthcare demo source posted

Our team had a fantastic PDC.  I was privileged to be the presenter for the Lap Around WPF.  It was my biggest presentation ever.  ~2000 developers!

My goal was to communicate the basics of WPF/XAML and to give brief introductions to many of the topics that we had a drilldown presentation later in the PDC.  So the session ended up being lots of code, lots of markup, and lots of concepts...

Download Demo Source Code
With this event, I'm starting to create a URL for every major event I do.  On that page, I'll link to the resources (slides, demos and descriptions).  Over time, I'll be able to enhance those demos, listen to feedback/questions about them, and change what I post or how I describe it.

As you are looking at the code, make sure you look at About This Demo for a description of the different files, things I did in a less than perfect way, etc...

For the demo, I ended up building a subset of the healthcare demo that you may have seen Sanjay and Ben present on Channel 9.

I've given several presentations like this before.  PDC2003.  Software design reviews.  Sometimes alone, sometimes tag teaming with Chris. It is always fun to balance the description of the platform, reasons behind our design, while trying to build something useful. 

Minor Demo Hell
I had one demo snafu that I was able to recover from very early in the talk.  I haven't watched the video yet...but I believe I pressed ctrl-a then ctrl-v when I was viewing window1.xaml.cs instead of window1.xaml.  I wondered...why was intellisense broken in this xaml?  Later I wondered, why don't those tabs work on the top...why did it say I was viewing Window1.xaml.cs.  In the at least 40 times I practiced the demo, that hadn't happened once!  Gotta love it.


Let me know what you think!

Posted on Sep 30 2005, 11:26 AM by rrelyea
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  • Could not find System.Transactions.Indigo.dll, anywhere on the internet...
    This is not allowing the demo to run...please let me know where can I find this.
    February 27, 2006 4:56 AM
  • Wow! We've posted the source code to the Patient Monitoring WPF prototype . I'm sure this will be one

    October 30, 2006 3:59 PM
  • Wow! We've posted the source code to the Patient Monitoring WPF prototype . I'm sure this will be one

    November 2, 2006 1:36 PM