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July 2005 - Posts

  • First opinions on Avalon

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    I use to see what people are saying about Avalon or XAML.

    I was interested in reading this first take on Avalon from slave to the code.  He compares Avalon to Flash.  He discusses some of our stregths..and the fear that people will abuse some of the power... (remember fonts in the early days...)


    Now I'm off for some early morning golf...then more work on the avalon schema generation tool...

  • New codeproject to convert from 3DS files to 3d XAML.

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    I woke up a bit early this morning thanks to my 2 year old...had a chance to catch up in the Avalon newsgroup...

    I enjoyed seeing another converter to import content into Avalon.
    Andrej Benedik wrote a converter from 3DS files to 3d XAML.

    Great to see!

    What other converters do people find themselves wanting?