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  • This is the kind of feedback I love: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

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    Rod Paddock has begun working with Avalon.  He posted a summary of his experiences: Avalon Adventures: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    Many people on the Avalon team will read this kind of feedback, enjoy the good things and focus on the bad and the ugly.

    A few comments on his feedback:

    The Bad

    Documentation/Broken Samples/Not many VB samples - I'll pass that information along.  Having specific examples of what didn't work, what is missing, etc... helps us fix those things and figure out how to prevent it from happening again.

    a) listboxes don't surface double click correctly - we'll investigate
    b) some events are too granular - we'll discuss
    c) vb compiler doesn't support the handles command - this is a known issue that i was discussing with the vb team last month.  We haven't solved it yet...just booked the follow up meeting.  Markup compilation makes this difficult because the markup compiler uses CodeDom to create the .g.vb file that defines the fields for all elements with IDs.  Unfortunately, there is no way using codedom to create the field “with events”.

    The Ugly

    Grid Control - I'm not sure where our team is on this.  I'll pass that feedback along.

    Dev Tools - Yes, clearly xaml editing and code editing only in VS, while better than notepad, still is nowhere near enough tool support.  Yes, we realize this is a big issue.


    I'd encourage all developers to maintain a list like this...send it to us, blog it, post it to the newsgroup.  We love to hear your feedback.

    Rob & the Avalon Team