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  • CSS Support in XAML

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    Jon Udell compares Flex and Avalon.  He says:

    It's interesting to consider these two admirably compact implementations side-by-side. Some points of comparison:

    Here today 2006? 2007?
    Runs anywhere Flash Player 7 runs Runs only on Longhorn
    Server required Server not required
    Uses ActionScript 2.0 Uses .NET languages
    XPath support: no XPath support: yes
    CSS support: yes CSS support: no

    This mixed pattern of green (good) and red (bad) pretty much sums up my conclusion. I want all the green stuff in one column.

    Let me comment on our red marks from Jon.

    1) Yes, we aren't shipping yet...and that is good - we want to get this right!
    2) Yes, Avalon is the presentation system for Windows.  XAML is about bringing declarative markup to that Windows API.
    3) CSS support:
    We originally had a CSS like syntax in Avalon for stylesheets.  Based on feedback (external and internal), we changed to what we had today.

    Right after the PDC Chris wrote a good description of what we had and why we moved.

    Do XAML users out there miss CSS syntax?

    I did at first, because I was used to it.
    Please read Chris' description.
    If you still find our model lacking, please tell us why...

    Update: I should mention that we just had some usability testing done on Resources and Styles.  We are analyzing the feedback and considering changes to the model.