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Wpf Xaml Namespace Update Tool for Feb2006 CTP

When we ship the Feb 2006 CTP, there are a few changes that will need to be done to all xaml files.

We've created a tool to help upgrade your WPF XAML files to the Feb CTP.  It doesn't do an exhaustive upgrade, but it does handle the following major changes:

  • Change all xmlns uris of to
  • Change all xmlns uris of to
  • Replaces all mapping PIs with the new clr-namespace uri syntax:
    • Old Syntax 1
      • <?Mapping ClrNamespace="MyNS" XmlNamespace="other" Assembly="MyAssembly" ?>
      • <Page ... xmlns:foo="other">
    • Replacement Syntax 1
      • <Page ... xmlns:foo="clr-namespace:MyNS;assembly=MyAssembly">
    • Old Syntax 2
      • <?Mapping ClrNamespace="MyNS" XmlNamespace="local" ?>
      • <Page ... xmlns:foo="local">
    • Replacement Syntax 2
      • <Page ... xmlns:foo="clr-namespace:MyNS">
  • Ensure all RowDefintion and ColumnDefinition elements are not direct children of Grid.  They must be in a Grid.RowDefinitions or Grid.ColumnDefinitions property element.

Note: don't do this until the FebCTP is out...Those URIs won't work in the Jan CTP.

To download this tool, please see:

Posted on Feb 14 2006, 07:12 PM by rrelyea
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