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XAML Language and XAML Formats

There are several ways that people use the term XAML:

1) XAML Language - the core language.  This defines how a XamlReader treats elements, attributes and content in an XML file to represent a tree of objects. One mapping is to CLR based objects.

We haven't yet published the XAML Language spec.  Chuck's XAML posts (in reverse order) provide a good start.

2) WPF XAML - the set of elements which describe Windows Presentation Foundation based content - Vector Graphics, Controls, 3D, Documents, etc...

The best reference on WPF XAML is the Windows SDK.

3) XPS XAML - a subset of WPF XAML which has been published as part of independent specification, the open XML Paper Specification (XPS), which describes the architecture of the XPS Document file format—a paginated representation of electronic paper that is based on XML.

Note that the XPS spec uses a subset of WPF XAML elements and also constrains the use of some of the XAML Language features (for example, XPS specifies some property values must be set via attribute syntax or property element syntax...while normally XAML allows either to be used.)

Xml Paper Specification.  OverviewSpec Download.

4) "WPF/E" XAML - WPF/Everywhere - a subset of WPF XAML which will be release for cross platform use.  For example, current plans call for no 3D and fewer Controls in WPF/E XAML.

WPF/E XAML has been talked about in some detail in this blog post and at Joe Stegman's presentation at Mix06.

5) WF XAML - the series of elements which describe Windows Workflow based content - Activities, etc...

More Info.


[I plan to keep growing this list and the detail on each of topics.]

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