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Next WinFX CTP will work with final VS 2005/.Net Framework 2.0

I already see many queries about a build of WinFX that works with the just released VS/.Net Framework: 1 2 3 ...

I've updated the information in my blog post about our installing our current CTP with the text in bold:

   Sorry, there is currently no build of WinFX that is compatible with RC or RTM builds of VS!
   The first CTP of WinFX after September 2005 will be in sync with the final VS 2005 and .Net Framework 2.0.

The WinFX team is very happy to see VS 2005 and .NET Framework 2.0 ship.  Current internal Windows Vista/WinFX builds work with these final builds.  Once we get this build to a previewable state, we'll ship it out as a CTP.  We realize it is in high demand.

Understand the Ramifications of Installing if you are doing WinFX Development
If you are doing active WinFX development, don't install the final VS or .NetFramework on your WinFX development box unless you want to pause your WinFX development for several weeks.  If you are building applications targetting the .Net Framework 2.0 and not the rest of WinFX then Go, Go, Go!

What about Applications built on WinFX?
Any applications or tools that require WinFX's September CTP, won't work on the final .Net Framework until we ship an updated WinFX and they ship updated versions of their apps/tools.  Microsoft Max, Mobiform Aurora, etc...

Why can't we make it all just work on the same machine?
I blogged back in March 2005 about why these dependencies exist.

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