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Transient Broadcast vs. URL Addressable

I spend much of my time creating or finding information.  I'm always motivated to publish the information I create for better findability.  I've got a bunch of random thoughts in my head about how this can be done...I need to get them down in a more sharable, digestable form over time.  Until then, here are a few random thoughts...

Transient Broadcast vs. URL Addressable Information

Many problems come about because information publishers have to know to create a bridge between broadcast technologies which are transient (email) and publish technologies which are URL addressable.

Users receiving email absorb as much information as they deem necessary at the time, but more importantly, they understand what type of information it was and where they can find it in the future if they need it.

Often times, users only remember who knows something, so the first thing they do is ask that person for the information.  Clearly, it is advantageous if a publisher of information can avoid most of these simple "where is" or "what is" requests.

Given that a user knows the owner or expert in an area, how can we make sure that the correct information is published and findable? 

Some guidelines

  • When publishing information using transient broadcasts, users should refer to the long living URL addressable form of the information. 
  • Publish a URL that allows people to find the things that you know and work on.

[Should that URL be human readable or machine consumable?  "Topic Maps" (just stumbled on this morning The Architecture Journal) may be an idea worth exploring]

I'm trying to explore my thoughts around information, links, and urls for my Url Manifesto



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