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Busy week...transitioning from xaml to tools...talks, etc...

I've had 2 presentations this week and 1 ask the experts session with the Microsoft field (Technical Specialists, Developer Evangelists, Consultants, etc...).  I really enjoy meeting with customers or other microsoft folks.

I used to be part of the Microsoft Field...for 5 years in our Chicago office.  Loved the job.  So I find it especially fun to present to the field.

My big challenge this week is that now that we have tools coming out (Visual Studio "Orcas" December 2005 CTP - with "Cider" and Microsoft Expression Interactive Designer (coming soon)) I find myself having to change my presentation style and content.  No longer can I sit in XAML and C# or XAML and VB.  I love that I can make this transition, but it will take a few times to figure out how to best weave in tools with wpf details, etc...

I helped drive and do another big checkin that got in successfully today.  If things go well tomorrow, we'll have that change in a CTP in a month or two.

Mapping PIs are dead.  :-)

Posted on Jan 12 2006, 06:19 AM by rrelyea
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