Rob Relyea


Simpler Urls Get Used More Than Hideous Ones

In the background, I've been collecting a list of issues I have with the way that we all use Urls.  I'm working on a Url Manifesto.


Here is another bit of supporting information about why people should care about how they use Urls:

I wanted to see how the markets reacted to our last quarterly earnings.  Happy to see we went up a few percent.

I started at MsnSearch (really at, but supports, typed in MSFT.

Got a sponsored link and a high link to msn moneycentral.

The better of those 2 urls looked like this:

I browsed around some other sites to see what the Urls look like for similar pages.

I like Yahoo's the best.


Using Technorati, you will find that:

Coincidence that the one that people use the most is the simplest URL, I think not...

Are there also other factors, probably...


What about Search?

I updated this post after a quick look at 3 main search sites.
Google has some state in the Url (language) but puts the parameter that the user is likely to change at the end.
MSN passes some state in the URI having to do with where the search was conducted.
Yahoo has a lot of state.

Google (9,322 links)

MSN (1,016 links)


Yahoo (1,466 links)