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Short Video showing basic XAML and Databinding

David Betz posts a nice video demo of some basic Databinding in XAML.

Few notes that I took about the demo:

1) The color capture of the video didn't make the gradient look very good.  Very banded.  Yes, it wasn't going to look much prettier...but at least the gradient will look a bit smoother.

2) David was using a build previous to the Feb major difference in Feb CTP would be that you wouldn't need the Mapping PI that he used...instead you would just use:


3) David hacks on his object to make it available declaratively.  He adds a property.  (note, he could have used attribute syntax for that property...instead of Property Element syntax like he does).  In order to make an object be expressable in XAML, do the following:

   a) make it have a default constructor.
   b) make its state settable via properties only.


For more on WPF databinding, I can recommend:

Namita Gupta's PDC talk (September 2005)
Beatriz Costa - a WPF team member blogging on Databinding.


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