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Nice rescue from demo hell

I enjoyed reading Chris' recap of the presentation that he and Doug Purdy did at the PDC.
I forget who grabbed me or called me, but I was able to grab one of the WPF team's demo machines and bring it to Chris.  It turns out his machine came to life in time.

On the last day of PDC, I enjoyed their talk a lot. They can riff!

The great thing is that they are running with the issues they found...documentation, tooling, platform...they all need work.  And this experience uncovered a number of things.

Just yesterday, Namita, Elliot, Mark and I met to discuss:

  • Integration of Services into a WPF application (how to have a WPF app also expose a web service to other clients or the server.)
  • Project and Item Templates in VS Extensions for WinFX

I learned a bunch about WCF & we found a number of things that we can do to improve the experience.

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