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Zune Marketplace Coming To Xbox 360?

Rumor has it that Microsoft has bought 5 hours of airtime on G4TV on September 25th. According to Kombo, Microsoft will be announcing:

  • Free DLC for Halo 3, and paid DLC for Mass Effect and GTAIV
  • Six free Xbox Originals for download
  • A partnership with Sirius XM Satellite Radio
  • 12 new exclusive titles, including 2 Halo games (supposedly the Peter Jackson Halo project, and the game Bungie was supposed to show off at E3)
  • A new music download service

The last point is the one I find most intriguing. I don't think it's a coincidence that Zune's new infrastructure is rolling out the week before this mega-relaunch. The new XNA Game Studio can target both the Xbox 360 and the Zune, meaning that the two will share a lot in common under the hood. Since Microsoft already has a game download service, it makes sense that the Zune would leverage it for the new Zune Games. It would make sense that the supposed Xbox Live Music Marketplace would use Zune's software as well. It would be really awesome if you could sync your Zune content with your Xbox 360... or even sync videos from Xbox Live Marketplace with your Zune by plugging it directly into the 360.

UPDATE: Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore confirms that the Zune Video Marketplace and the Xbox Live Marketplace are one and the same, so with the launch dates so close together, could the future Joe speaks of be closer than we think?

[via Xbox360Fanboy]