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Ziff-Davis Rights a Major Wrong

Maybe I won't have to cancel my subscription to PC Magazine after all. Apparently my post last week raised quite a bit of hell inside the walls of Ziff Davis (which is exactly what I had intended it to do), and they swiftly came to their senses. A search on Microsoft-Watch for "Fiji" shows that Mary Jo's byline is back on her posts. It's good to see that Ziff can respond to customer feedback... and an irrefutable argument always helps. Thanks Ziff, for allowing me to let you keep my $30. :)

Now maybe Jupiter Research will follow suit and fix Joe Wilcox's posts. Too bad I don't have a paid subscription from them I can cancel. And hopefully "brand confusion" will never be used to screw a journalist out of their body of work ever again. I'm tired of the media thinking their readers/viewers are stupid.

Posted on Jan 28 2007, 11:14 AM by Robert McLaws
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