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Xbox 360 HD-DVD Emulator, Free For All

Microsoft may have thrown in the towel on HD-DVD, but they still believe that HDi which is very similar to Silverlight) is better than BDJ. So Microsoft is making the HD-DVD Emulator available for free. Not only that, but anyone who has already bought it will get a full refund.

Could this mean that Blu-Ray could be seeing HDi support in the near future? If Sony was smart, that answer would be yes... but who knows?

I might have to check this out and report back on the experience... supposedly you can burn it to a regular DVD and use it in an HD-DVD drive...

Posted on Mar 04 2008, 06:34 PM by Robert McLaws
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  • Dark_X said:

    i had an xbox emu was aroound 50 mb....i hope a smaller one comes out.!!!

    March 16, 2008 12:50 AM
  • GTR said:

    Sony does NOT control Blu-ray.

    Please get this into your head. When will the media learn this?

    Sony is just ONE of *MANY* large corporations on the Blu-ray council... the 18 member council is CONTROLLED by ALL of the following businesses:

    Apple Inc.

    Dell Inc.

    Hewlett-Packard Company

    Hitachi, Ltd.

    LG Electronics

    Mitsubishi Electric

    Panasonic (Matsushita Electric)

    Pioneer Corporation

    Royal Philips Electronics

    Samsung Electronics

    Sharp Corporation

    Sony Corporation

    Sun Microsystems

    TDK Corporation

    Thomson SA

    Twentieth Century Fox

    Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group / Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment

    Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.

    Sony has no more say about Blu-ray than any of the above businesses.  Please stop your miss-information and miss-leading reporting.

    March 20, 2008 3:54 AM
  • OnlineD said:

    UPDATE 3/18: The Xbox 360 HD DVD Emulator is no longer available.  For more information, please see:

    April 7, 2008 10:31 AM